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Fiber Construction

When companies, ISP's, Telco's and Utility companies think about building a fibre network many time they underestimate the costs and timelines because one thing... The Civil Construction piece.

Roughly half the cost or more in many cases of a Fiber project are related to construction. Generally there are 3 different methods of deploying a fiber network.
  • 1. Aerial Construction: Attach fiber to new/existing or new Hydro, streetlight or private utility poles.
  • 2. Underground Construction: Build an underground duct or duct bank, and place fibre in the buried conduit.
  • 3. Undersea Cables: Massive engineering project to connect land masses with undersea fiber optic cables. Only the largest telecommunications carriers and governments can afford to build undersea fiber.

    Each method of construction has it's own benefits, drawback and challenges. When building a fiber network the one thing that is constant amongst all three methods is the need for:
  • a) Engineered Drawings: In the early days deploying fiber networks, sometimes we didn't do engineered drawings. Now it's required for all fiber construction to have engineered drawings complete with pole loading calculations, offset from other utilities, depth, etc..
  • b) Municipal/State/Electrical Safety Authority permits: This is different from City to City and County to county. Many times, the time it takes to get the necessary permits may after double the time it takes you to actually construct, deploy and light up your fiber network.

    Once you have your engineered drawings, and permits in hand, then you can start construction. As always you again need to coordinate/notify the city/county you are in with regards to construction, and of course have your permits in hand.

    Following construction, then comes the easy part, laying, attaching or pull fiber cable into the conduits followed by splicing the fiber together, and then finally deploying the optics/electronics.

    Here is a link to an easy to read and well written Google Fiber Construction FAQ.

    If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to email us at: Thanks and enjoy the site!

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