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FiberHelp is a free resource site dedicated to the one thing that powers the Internet and enables those blazing fast speeds, Fibre Optic Cables!

Ever think about how all that data from the internet travels around the globe and through your neighbourhood to your computer/tablet/phone? Fibre Optic Cables transmits that data large distances at the speed of light! Because there is almost no degredation of the signals transmitted compared to those old copper or coaxial cables your local telephone company (using ADSL) or Cable company use, Fibre Optic can transmit large amounts of Data (1 gig or 10 gig, or 100 gig) over vast distances (ex: between Europe and North America) at high speeds. Fiber Optic Cables crisscrosses neighborhoods, cities, countries, continents and oceans connecting you, your Internet Service Provider and Business together.

There are other websites that will go into great details about wave mechanics, and mathematical equations for optics, but we'll leave those topics for your thesis and University courses. We will explain optics, wavelegths of light used, without all the calculas and math.

We will also strive to talk and explain real world examples of how Fiber Optics around you in everyday life.

- Fiber, where is it used.
- Fibre Optic Network Basic Design
- Optics (wavelengths, distances)
- How do I build a Fiber Network?
- Construction, aerial fiber vs buried fiber (and undersea fiber)
- Splicing (connecting fibre)
- Fiber to the Home


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